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Embrace The Moment

pilot program at the serenity ranch

who we are:

The Serenity Ranch’s mission is to assist women with programs designed to create a safe environment to help facilitate a positive relationship with our 42 rescued horses, when battling  PTSD, trauma, abuse and the addictions that can result.

Programs will be created for the following :

  • Female Veterans

  • Female Spouses of Veterans

  • Female Law Enforcement Officers

  • Spouses of Law Enforcement Officers 

  • Grieving Women

  • Families of Veterans and Law Enforcement Officers

  • Women Experiencing or Living With Trauma

  • Abused Women


the serenity ranch programs operate solely because of your generous donations:

horses can help embody change in you

The Serenity Ranch is run exclusively by women, for women who are in need of assistance. We hope to challenge and inspire personal growth in women that are suffering from mental and physical scars, that make every day life difficult.

the Serenity program

The Serenity Ranch’s pilot program was from August 18th -August 25th, 2018. The program was at no cost to the participants; flights, food, transportation to our facility and board were covered completely by our non profit. Our program was hugely successful! 

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, The Ranch will sadly not be providing programs for the Summer of 2020. 

The goal of our program is to assist women who are having issues in life due to military service. Each participant will be given a horse to care for for the duration of the week long program. A specific schedule will be set daily, with reading assignments, training and riding horses. 

We will provide a fundamental understanding of handling horses, grooming, horse care, tack, training and riding in a grounding and serene manner. On the fourth day of the program we will take a day long horseback ride to utilize the horse skills that have been learned. Throughout the week long program, routine and structure will be emphasized, while also establishing the importance of great self-care. Through our  work with the horses, techniques will be learned that can be used in every day life to help ground negative or problematic emotions. 

This unique experience challenges these women, evokes change, and helps to develop new ways to approach and solve problems. By challenging what challenges them, our hope is that veterans can make peace with their past and replace devastating memories with positive ones. 


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